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  • Uninterrupted connectivity

  • Optimized user experience

  • Increased productivity

  • Easier network management

  • Higher security

Design, Revise, Deploy & Operate
We partner with medium sized to large corporations to assist them in the design, implementation and maintenance and operation of their IT infrastructure.

If your company has identified:
• The need to modernise your IT infrastructure and maintain it with high efficiency, 24/7 uptime, and security.
• Your employees are working remotely or your employee numbers have grown larger and you are looking for an IT strategy to improve team work, efficiency, data storage and sharing and data security.
• Your company has been experiencing down time in your network infrastructure, slowness or data loss.
• Your current system administrator or company is overloaded and trouble shooting and fixing the system takes a long time.

At Jadex Design we are your ideal partner!
We will design, revise deploy and operate your IT structure.
• Designing, building and operating your complete network infrastructure
• Creating and operating an active directory, exchange (or open source alternatives): mail, calendar, network file storage, network printing, address book, appointment management…
• Cloud management
• Installation and operation of internal VOIP networks
• Backup of your data (onsite or offsite), your core system (colocation, if your main location cannot be used)
• Asset management

We can work alongside your current IT team in order to revise, design, deploy and operate your It structure. Let us help You transform your IT from a headache to a nearly invisible and extremely powerful asset!

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